Production of PGI saucisson: a chain of excellence

What is a PGI?


A PGI is an official indication of origin and of quality, that reserves the geographical name “Ardèche” to meat curers whose products respect stringent and specific technical specifications, linked to a terroir and to an origin. It highlights and allows recognition of:



Saucissons, saucisses sèches, rosettes, jésus and chaudins


>>>Delicate: Made to ancient recipes, it is the fruit of a blend of mature fresh meat from pork pigs.

>>>Typical: Finely or coarsely ground, salted and spiced, the stuffing is carefully covered with a natural casing.



Slowly matured in ancient Vivarais, cradle of Ardèche traditions, it develops a natural bloom that regulates the drying. Pronounced meat flavours, lightly spiced... Supple and tender texture. It respects time and tradition.