Fleur naturelle du saucisson

Natural bloom, it is perfect

Natural Bloom: the guarantee of good taste in the authentic saucisson.


This light mould, greyish or sometimes green, is the normal outcome of gentle steaming and slow drying.

It gives the good taste of terroir, that of an authentic artisan saucisson with delicate notes of autumnal mushrooms.


Like bread and wine...


As for bread and wine, the Natural Bloom (or microbial flora) is the result of a gentle fermentation, slow and totally natural.

Master butchers, just like cellar masters and bakers, oversee and control the development of the Bloom so that, once it becomes mature, the product reveals all its flavours.

Gentle steaming...

Gentle steaming...


It all starts at this stage, during the first 2 days, the Natural Bloom starts to develop slowly.


Natural saucisson bloom

Slow drying and maturing...


Let time take its course, for 7 to 8 weeks the Bloom opens up at its own pace under the permanent control of the master butchers.


The good taste of the terroir


The Bloom has now reached maturity. Developed in the natural air of its region, rich in the characters of its terroir, it reveals its unique characteristic notes of the good taste of the authentic saucisson.


Brushed bloom

The distinctive features of some climates do not allow the natural bloom to flourish in its entirety (drying impeded by the presence of too much humidity),

so over time butchers have developed ingenious methods so that their saucissons can nevertheless be preserved.

After a gentle steaming, the first signs of Bloom appearing on the products are delicately brushed, then they are smoked or dried on wooden poles according to the region.

This know-how has opened the door to the creation of new products and new regional specialities liked the fumaison in Savoy, the perche in Aveyron.