We undertake always to support French pork meat producers

From the outset, regional artisan saucissons have been the jewels of the national charcuterie heritage.

Made in historic regions with the greatest respect for traditional local recipes, the very nature of our saucissons commits the company to use only fresh pork meat of guaranteed French origin.


Today, to demonstrate to consumers and our distributors this commitment to the quality and taste of our products, and to confirm our support for French pork farming and processing, we stamp our saucissons with the logo “Le Porc Français”.


As good manufacturing citizens, we campaign for the survival of local quality production, vital to maintaining know-how and employment in our regions.


Through the presence of this logo, we wish, clearly and without question, to guarantee the French origin of our raw materials and signify our campaign in favour of French farmers.


Logo Artisan Logo VPF

We are also partners with our friends in Brittany and can offer products with the


Cochon de Bretagne logo


The farmers undertake to respect the requirements described in the technical specifications regarding traceability and identification, well-being and care of the animals, feed and environmental practices.

These practices come together to form the 4 essential values supported by the Cochon de Bretagne farmers:

Origin / Farming / Feed / Environment