Sauss' de Terroirs, the company

Who are we?


Sauss' de Terroirs is a pioneering artisan group that has been working for 15 years to rediscover the regional French sausage-making heritage, which was on the verge of disappearing.


We campaign for and make available, to the widest public and throughout the year, the sausage-making variety and richness of our terroirs.

A family company, we are artisan makers, in our regions of origin, of many different and varied saucissons, previously abandoned through standardisation and globalisation of the charcuterie industry. We renew and give new life to forgotten products, recipes, flavours,  and textures, appreciated by consumers in search of real taste and authenticity.



From left to right, Antoine, Paul, Alain and Emile DUTERTRE


We sell our artisan saucissons in supermarkets through small dedicated spaces for saucissons, with all our saucissons and regional specialities displayed in wooden fixtures.


The figures prove it, consumers approve of these traditional, quality artisan products, a rich and varied alternative taste to the standard offer that can always be found in shops.

We want to widen our presence and continue to offer new products and forgotten flavours.


Customer service



This is at the heart of our company and goes with the success of our products and putting them on the market. Our expert teams anticipate, manage and reply to our customers' needs in terms of:



Our sales teams are always available to guarantee a response to customer requests and needs at all times.